#100Days of Volunteering

Starting on 1st January, 2021 I am undertaking a journey to do 100 days in a row where I do something for someone else. I might be volunteering for a crisis line, or planning an event for a charity or even just doing some keyword research for an AdWords account.

As I will be volunteering daily, I will upload these posts as soon as I can. Some of my volunteer shifts take place in the evening (especially when I am juggling childcare) so some may be posted the next day, perhaps later...

Day 64 of 100 Days

Friday, 5th March 2021

I was back at the Fresh Food Bank again today, and it was really good to see the gang of councillors again. I never thought I’d ever hear myself saying that I look forward to hanging out with my local councillors – but I now do! There it is, I said it. For as long I can, I’m going to continue to volunteer at the food bank, because it’s a good use of my time, and one of the positive side effects is it helps me get my daily exercise quota, because it's very physical work.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 63 of 100 Days

Thursday, 4th March 2021

World Book Day turned out to be a resounding success, and we managed to get my son to wear his costume and not complain about it! I had quite a busy day today, but I’ve finally managed to sort out all of the text donations for DLAG and I’ve also made a start on the auction set-up for CWB and Bat For A Chance. It was a reasonably productive day!

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 62 of 100 Days

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021

Tomorrow is World Book Day, which I completely forgot about… We’ve managed to cobble together a decent costume, and my son is using my partner’s go-to costume and dressing up as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. The big hat has an adjustable interior head band, so it looks even funnier on my son’s five year old head than it does on my partner’s. My son is a bit weird about fancy dress. He enjoys it on his own terms, but isn’t really into performing for others, so it’s really difficult to get him to dress up unless it’s because he genuinely wants to. That’s why we tend to pick costumes that are majority normal clothes, so he has the option of going full dress-up or not at all.

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Day 61 of 100 Days

Tuesdsay, 2nd March 2021

My sister has taken some holiday from work, so today we went for a loooong walk. According to my iWatch, I walked almost 14 miles. We walked from Streatham to Trafalgar Square, had lunch, and came back. My legs are absolutely killing me now and I need a good stretch. It’s a good thing that the half marathon we signed-up for in May has been moved to August – we’d never have been prepared. Now we just have to pray for some summer rain on race day…

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 60 of 100 Days

Monday, 1st March 2021

It’s the first day of spring, so I was able to flip my calendar over to a photo of my son cleaning a window. I’ve also hit another milestone, being 60% of the way through my challenge which feels like a nice little win! March is Women’s History Month, so I’m really pleased to have made a start on a project which will be taking place next Monday, on International Women’s Day.

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Day 59 of 100 Days

Sunday, 28th February 2021

After a busy final week in February, the eve of Spring takes me on to my weekly crisis volunteering shift with Shout 85258. I’m almost two thirds into the 100 Day Challenge and the longer it goes on, the quicker it feels like it’s passing. I’ve completed almost 100 hours of volunteering with Shout since last October, and I’m not sure where the time has gone...

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Day 58 of 100 Days

Saturday, 27th February 2021

Despite it still being February, the weather was gloriously warm today, and I was able to do some more garden prepping for my Tomato Project this year. I’m planning on sowing my tomato seeds next week, as my dad always plants his in the first week of March. I also think it’s a really good way to mark the first day of spring. Also, we received delivery of the new Maximo Park album, which came with some Maximo Park-branded tomato seeds. It's serendipity really, they will have to be planted soon.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 57 of 100 Days

Friday, 26th February 2021

Today, I had just the one job, but it was a big one and an important one. It's not featured it on my #100Days before today, but it involves hanging out with my local MP and a bunch of lovely local councillors.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 56 of 100 Days

Thursday, 25th February 2021

Today was a really good day, as I was able to move on some projects that I had started, and also got some feedback on another role that I’d applied for. The weather was good enough for walking, which set me in good stead for today’s first volunteer task. It was actually really good to get out, because staying in to watch the cricket would have been really depressing.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 55 of 100 Days

Wednesday, 24th February 2021

The cricket is back on today, and it’s on at a reasonable time! The first ball is bowled at 9am and it goes on until about 4.30pm our time as it’s a day/nighter. This is really awesome, as I’ve missed my background cricket so much! Today, I’m adding a couple of volunteer jobs that haven’t actually featured yet in my 100 Day Challenge. They’re not new to me, but they’re not tasks that come around very often.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 54 of 100 Days

Tuesday, 23rd February 2021

It was another day where I managed to pack in quite a lot. I worked with four charities today, with one new one and some old favourites. I even managed to get a run in today, which was quite remarkable really!

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 53 of 100 Days

Monday, 22nd February 2021

My son went back to school today, which meant I could use my hours to get back to volunteering without having to worry about childcare for a few hours. I actually managed to get loads in today, which is very pleasing. As well as some good volunteer jobs, I had a couple of really great conversations and also learned some new things…

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 52 of 100 Days

Sunday, 21st February 2021

Today was another beautiful day and it involved more garden time. Now that we are on the very cusp of spring, I’m starting to feel like we’re starting to make our way out of the tunnel. I baked a cake with my son, and there was some really good football on in the background – a pleasant day for all, despite the lockdown!

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 51 of 100 Days

Saturday, 20th February 2021

Today really felt like the first day of spring. The temperature hovered at around 15 degrees, and we had blue skies! I was able to get out into the garden to make a start on the pre-sowing jobs to set myself up for my Tomato Project 2021, which you will be hearing a lot more about in March. At the same time, my son was able to recreate his favourite accidents from Thomas the Tank Engine in his sandpit and in the border, all of which seem to involve Gordon.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 50 of 100 Days

Friday, 19th February 2021

I’m halfway through my challenge! This is a huge milestone for me, and I feel so pleased. Today was a much busier day than yesterday, and productivity was a real struggle, and this makes me feel really glad that I’ve got this challenge to help ensure that I end each day having done something useful.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 49 of 100 Days

Thursday, 18th February 2021

Today was quite a difficult as I was had to juggle everything around, and I’m amazed that I managed to get anything done, what with a trip to the park, spelling, trashing the garden and building a ‘garden house’ (mini greenhouse) with my son. My partner has been super busy at work, so there’s not been an awful lot of wiggle room for volunteering. That being said, I did manage to have a short Zoom call with Transforming Autism Project, during which my son made a cameo, and I started on a new volunteer journey with the Kent and East Sussex Railway!

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 48 of 100 Days

Wednesday, 17th February 2021

Today I was able to get an hour when my partner gave me a break and took our son out to the play park. I used it to update the March For Autism assets for Transforming Autism Project to reflect the new dates for the campaign. I also had a quick Zoom in the afternoon with one of my friends at the Media Trust, who had some interesting news for me…

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 47 of 100 Days

Tuesday, 16th February 2021

Day two of half term, and we are still absolutely loving the kinetic sand. It rained all day today, so we weren’t able to get out, but we’re hoping to get down to the common to feed some birds tomorrow with our wild bird feed. Today is a Tuesday, so I tried calling Lady T, but there was no answer. I’m going to try again tomorrow.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 46 of 100 Days

Monday, 15th February 2021

It’s the first proper day of half term, so I’m relying on my partner’s lunch breaks and my son’s obsession with kinetic sand (best sensory toy ever) to allow me some windows to do my volunteering this week. Today, I was able to have a lunchtime catch-up with the DLAG fundraising team, as we haven’t caught-up in a while.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 45 of 100 Days

Sunday, 14th February 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today, I spent some time formalising the project plan for the cricket charity auction and quiz night which are happening in April. We seem to be progressing well, and I really don’t want to lose momentum on this...

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 44 of 100 Days

Saturday, 13th February 2021

I have levelled-up! On this evening’s Shout shift, I took my 100th conversation, which means I’m now a Level 5 volunteer! I’m incredibly proud of this, as when I first started volunteering with Shout, 100 conversations seemed like such a long way away...

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 43 of 100 Days

Thursday, 12th February 2021

Next week is half term, so today is the last day that I can really get a good run of volunteering before I’m juggling it with childcare next week and doing most of my work in the evenings. What better day than to take on a new charity! My new charity friend is called Reverse The Trend, and they are an amazing charity dedicated to tackling childhood obesity and the mental health effects caused by it. I also carried on with some work I started yesterday for The Doorstep Library and came up with a document for Cricket Without Boundaries and Bat For A Chance which should help us procure some lovely prizes and donations for our auction.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 42 of 100 Days

Thursday, 11th February 2021

I woke up with a little bit of a fuzzy head this morning after a few glasses of wine last night. I don’t drink anywhere near as much as I used to, so the hangovers tend to really hurt when they do come. It took me a little longer to get going today, which was fine because my first meeting wasn’t until 11.30am, but the problem is I get hangover guilt for the time I lose when I'm feeling like crap. I drank lots of water though, and that made me feel better.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 41 of 100 Days

Wednesday, 10th February 2021

As well as my regular volunteer task, today, I applied to be a volunteer pen pal. This will enable me to make use of the fountain pen that I got for Christmas and also do some physical writing. The only thing I seem to write nowadays is notes to my son's teacher via his communication book and shopping lists and I think it will feel good to get away from digital and back to analogue. I just hope I won't end up with repetitive strain injury.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 40 of 100 Days

Tuesday, 9th February 2021

40% into my challenge! Another milestone reached. I spent most of my day playing catch-up with a few things and even made time to attend a webinar on building a portfolio career in the charity sector. I had a catch-up with Ian from Charity Excellence Framework, who has become a bit of a mentor to me. I still don’t have a proper plan as to what I'm actually going to do yet, but Ian always asks challenging questions of me which usually drive me closer to an answer!

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 39 of 100 Days

Monday, 8th February 2021

Lots of Zooming today, I had four Zoom meetings! I saw 19 different people combined on those calls today, which feels like an awful lot of people, especially in this day and age. I'm not used to talking to so many people in such a short space of time. But today, I did, and all at my kitchen table.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 38 of 100 Days

Sunday, 7th February 2021

The weather has taken a turn for the freezing, so it’s difficult to get out at the mo. We still got out though because my son loves jumping in freezing cold muddy puddles on the common. Afterwards, it felt good to be home and back in the warm after bouncing around like Peppa Pig.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 37 of 100 Days

Saturday, 6th February 2021

Guess who worked out how to use the Google Tag Manager? Yes, me. Quite randomly, I was looking at something completely different for Karen from OAPA on Google Analytics and came across it, when all of a sudden our conversion problems were sold. This happens to be the day after our campaign ended with our Dutch students, and it would have been handy if we’d have had it.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 36 of 100 Days

Friday, 5th February 2021

Test cricket is back on terrestrial telly again, and it’s India v England! A fantastic accompaniment to home working, and, given that the BBL is ending soon (tomorrow), very welcome. Root and Sibley had an excellent partnership going, although Sibley got himself out in the final over on 87. Root is going strong on 128 – he’s amazing.

Day 1 1st January 2021.png

Day 35 of 100 Days

Thursday, 4th February 2021

I had to go to the dentist today because my lower-left wisdom tooth has become infected for the second time in six months. I got an emergency appointment and am really keen to nip this one in the bud because last time it went on for about 10 days - and toothache is not a pleasant thing. I had the same dentist as last time, the lovely Dr Rahul, and he prescribed me some antibiotics and has referred me to get the problem tooth removed. It won’t be pleasant, but hopefully it’ll sort me out. It sucks, because I’ve never had so much as a filling on my teeth, and now I’m going to the dentist twice in six months…

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