Me at the Cricket World Cup 2019 opening party
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Why I started The Volunteer Idea

While the actual site for The Volunteer Idea was launched at the beginning the Covid-19 pandemic, the seeds of TVI were sown some time before that...
I've always enjoyed volunteering because by doing so, I get to make new friends, try new things and be helpful to people who really need it.

Before March 2020, I had been working as a freelance marketing consultant, helping brands in the hospitality industry (as well as one client which operated co-working spaces). Then, the pandemic came along and, almost overnight, I was swiftly out of work. I was feeling incredibly redundant - nobody was in need of my freelance marketing services, my income had completely disappeared and after cleaning my house from top to bottom during the first week of lockdown, I needed something to focus on.

I suddenly had lots of time on my hands (and luckily, some savings in the bank), so I wanted to turn to something that would fill my time with something rewarding - because the likelihood of my finding any paid work was minimal.


Volunteering was the only thing that I could think of which filled this need - I had previously volunteered at the Cricket World Cup in 2019 and I was scheduled to volunteer for EURO 2020 in June and at the Kennington Oval as an Oval Ambassador from May 2020, but both were now postponed. I was planning to write about my experiences anyway, so that I could encourage others to take up volunteering, so why not start a blog? How hard could that be?

And thus, The Volunteer Idea became a thing. I'm hoping that through this site, I can encourage others to see the value in volunteering and simply being kind to others.

I truly believe that everyone has something to give.

Sarah Swaysland - Volunteerial Girl

April 2020